Why Us

Industry experts:

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The service we provide is backed up by our lengthy period in the telecommunications industry, due to this we have become experts in our field and can confidently say we are the best company to send your device in to.

Competitive prices:

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We offer the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

Very simple process:

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Creating an order through our website takes a matter of minutes. Once we receive your device, we check it and send your payment.

Free postage:

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We offer a free Royal Mail tracked returns service for all orders.

Same day payment:

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We don't like to hang about when it comes to paying you, due to this we process your payment on the same day as testing your device.

Payment options:

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Great payment options to choose from including same day bank transfer.

Any UK handsets:

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We accept handsets on any UK networks or unlocked phones.

What we need:

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We only require your handset and battery, however if you have the original box and accessories then we will also happily recycle these on your behalf.

Environmentally friendly:

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Recycling your unwanted devices is not only good for that bit of extra cash, it's also good on our planet.

Data removal:

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If for whatever reason you fail to remove your data, not to worry! We remove all data before processing your devices. This may encounter delays in processing your order.

Need Help?
Call on 03333 441 911 or email info@phones2pounds.co.uk